Monday June 9, 2008
We are proud to announce that our company is now the Authorized Development Partner of AEP Networks corporation - a major US and Europe vendor focusing on SSL VPN and Secure Networking solutions.
Monday March 3, 2008
After successful two month work Elverils is hiring again. Check out our careers sections for some hot vacancies. More to follow.
Monday Jan 1, 2008
Elverils is opening its own office in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), where a team of skilled developers will work on current and new projects.
"...were able to deliver top quality based on the raw material they got. They spotted several areas of improvement in the foreign code they had to work with. I can recommend them 100% and WILL DO follow-up projects with him!"
"Awesome guys. Delivered the project on time. Perfect work. Recommended Always!!"
Elverils is a group of talented and highly motivated professionals who have been involved in the software development for over 10 years. Our experience allows us to provide our customers with exceptional IT solutions and services in the areas of: We specialize in custom software development for Windows, Unix and Mac OS platforms. Our development is available in a number of programming languages including C, C++, Objective C, Java, Delphi and Perl. We can create broad range of software - ranging from low level hardware drivers and to GUI-rich end-user applications.

We're trying to treat each customer exactly according to his needs, often suggesting places for future improvements and/or potential bugs in existing code if we're working on the port. Customer satisfaction is crucial for us, thus we're providing support for all our projects even after the successful project completion.

Elverils team is constantly working on enhancing our own team expertise, many of our engineers have certificates from major software developers including Microsoft, IBM and Lotus.

Elverils is constantly seeking talented proffessionals in order to broaden its capabilities as a software development house. We advise you to check 'Careers' section, if you're interested in working with us.

Please feel free to explore our company site. We're constantly enhancing it and adding bits of information about our current projects and our services. Please remember we're always open for customer suggestions and not all of our capabilities are listed on the site. Your input is essential to us, thus do not hesitate to mail us or contact directly.