Custom software development

Unix development

Elverils team comprises of the highly skilled professionals in Unix environments. We are proficient with the most tasks our customers may require in Unix world, including kernel modifications, programming of daemons, cross-compiling for different UNIX platforms, kernel extensions, POSIX and System V IPC, Berkley style sockets and many other Unix technologies. We can also develop GUI rich applications - ranging from simple ncurses console utilites and to X windows applications written using GTK or QT toolkits. For Unix platform we can develop in C/C++, Java, and scripting languages (Perl, Python). The range of Unices we are proficient with includes FreeBSD, Linux (Redhat, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Gentoo), AIX and Solaris.

Win32 Application development

Elverils provides various services in the field of Windows development. We specialize in Windows NT family starting from Windows 2000 and ending on Windows Vista. Elverils is proficient with most system-wide Windows facilities - services, RPC, COM components. In order to deliver best results we utilize a wide range of Windows compilers, optimizers and debugging tools. Elverils team can also develop and deploy Windows applications written using MFC toolkit. For cross-platform compatibility our engineers typically prefer to use well-known GUI toolkits like QT and wxWidgets. For Windows platform we can develop in C/C++, Java, C# and scripting languages.

Win32 Network drivers development

Elverils specialize in development of Windows networking drivers including NDIS and TDI drivers. Using basic kernel solutions that are being used in lots of project and have proved to be stable and robust we can deploy kernel based solutions in the reasonable timeframe with a guarantee that it will not BSOD in any stress situation. All of our drivers use C language. Coupled with Network drivers is our extensive experience in the field of Windows networking and TCP/IP stack coding, including SPI/LSP providers. We're proficient with the typical complex networking tasks you may require - like watermarking, connection re-routing, traffic tunneling, IPSec, etc.

Mac OS X development

On the heels of our Unix expertise new Apple OS can be viewed as a welcome addition to our portfolio. We can develop and deploy Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 & 10.5 code both for PPC and Intel. Most of our Unix expertise can be applied to Mac OS X as well - for example we can design and develop Mac OS X network kernel extensions (NKE). We can also design a migration plan for your Windows application into Mac app carefully picking from either Cocoa or Carbon approach. For OS X platform we can develop in Objective C, Plain C/C++, Java, and scripting languages (Perl, Python). Typically our focus is on Cocoa applications.

Porting of existing software

The need for cross-platform applications is currently on the rise. More and more companies feel the necessity to convert their platform-specific applications to a wide array of other platforms. Having worked extensively on ports Elverils team can help you with almost any kind of application conversion - we can help you with Windows to *nix ports, Windows to Mac ports and vise versa. We can also consult and design migration plans for existing or new software in order to code it as a true cross-platform solution right from the scratch.

Application security analysis

Elverils can provide special services to companies that need to analyze their existing code for potential security threats. We can also check existing third-party code for possible GPL/LGPL violations and suggest ways to improve it, in order to comply with the license. Elverils can also consult on security terms in Unix and Windows environments - suggested rights/permissions, secure channels, etc. We are also proficient with new Windows Vista UAC technology and can recommend companies some of our real-world proven solutions for Win32 applications in order to comply with UAC.

Web development

Elverils can help to build advanced web-sites using Apache 1/2, CGI scripts, Perl and PHP scripts. We can provide integration with MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases. We are highly proficient with Perl scripting language and some of our own internal Perl modules can significantly speed-up any web project. On client side we are experienced with Java & JavaScript integration, AJAX routines and basic HTML 4.0 coding.